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The San Mateo Community Health Authority governs the Children’s Health Initiative (CHI), the CHI Oversight Coalition, and approves contracts with community-based organizations.

CHI Oversight Coalition

The CHI Oversight Coalition implements the coordination and maintenance of the Children’s Health Initiative’s activities, and serves as an advisory body to the San Mateo Community Health Authority. It also oversees administrative decisions for the Healthy Kids program. The Coalition is an alliance of six member organizations that fulfill different roles in the implementation of the coalition’s efforts.

  • The Health Plan of San Mateo

    HPSM leads the coordination of the Coalition's overall efforts, tracks HCU's progress, and prepares grant reports for funding organizations. It also administers the Healthy Kids insurance program and collects the family quarterly contribution required for continuous coverage. HPSM's Director of Finance is the Coalition Chair who facilitates meetings, policy decision-making, and oversees analyses of HCU's finances.

  • San Mateo County Human Services Agency

    Assists parents with the Medi-Cal application and enrollment process for their potentially eligible children.

  • The San Mateo County Health System

    The San Mateo County Health System leads the outreach, enrollment, and retention activities for Healthy Kids as a joint effort with other health outreach activities. It also reviews eligibility for initial and renewal applications, using guidelines and processes established by the Coalition. The Health System also oversees the family contribution assistance program for Healthy Kids.

  • Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • San Mateo County Central Labor Council
  • Hospital Consortium of San Mateo County