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San Mateo County ACE Coverage Program

The San Mateo County Access to Care for Everyone (ACE) Program is a health coverage option available at the San Mateo Medical Center main campus and clinics and the Ravenswood Family Health Center. San Mateo County ACE is not an insurance program. It provides a set of health benefits for uninsured adult residents of San Mateo County, age 19 and older, who have low incomes and who are ineligible for health coverage through Medi-Cal or CoveredCA.

San Mateo County ACE Participants are covered for inpatient hospital services only at San Mateo Medical Center (SMMC).

San Mateo County ACE Annual Enrollment Fee

An annual payment of $360 to enroll in ACE is required. This is called the ACE Enrollment Fee. You also pay co-payments for services. The enrollment fee and co-pays can be waived if you meet income requirements. The $360 enrollment fee can be paid in full or in monthly payments of $30.

San Mateo County ACE Benefits & Costs

Co-Pays are the amounts that you will need to pay for certain benefits, usually at the time of an appointment. In general, there is a $15 charge for all appointments that you have with a doctor and a $7 charge for each prescription that you have filled. Please see Section 8 of the ACE Participant Handbook for co-payments for other services.

ACE Participants who qualify for the Fee Waiver will not have a co-payments. If you qualify for the Fee Waiver, your ACE Participant Identification Card will say “Fee Waiver” and your co-payments will say $0. See Section 7 of the ACE Participant Handbook for more information on the Fee Waiver.