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November 26, 2021
Daily Journal

Study shows kidsí gains

Children enrolled in Healthy Kids, the state’s insurance program, have a significantly higher level of consistent care, according to a new study that proponents say proves the program can serve as a statewide model of health care access. The data released Tuesday showed consistent and dramatic gains in children’s well-being in the three counties - including San Mateo - evaluated.  The evaluations, conducted by the Mathematics Policy Institute, the Urban Institute and the University of California at San Francisco, looked at Los Angeles, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Similar programs are offered in 26 of the state’s counties.

Main findings of the evaluations include:

• The proportion of children having a usual source of care rose significantly, reaching about 90 percent in each county.

• San Mateo County showed a 36 percent increase, compared to 45 percent in Santa Clara County.

• The proportion of children having a medical visit in the last six months rose in all three counties, including a 29 percent increase in San Mateo County.

• In San Mateo County, the proportion of parents who reported being “very confident” their children could receive care rose 36 percent.