Cannabis And Your Pets

Cannabis has a wide list of uses from legal to illegal.  When we think of cannabis we think of our own personal use and consumption of the product.  However, more and more people are starting to look at and take into consideration cannabis use for their pets.

Cannabis and dogs

For the longest time cats have had catnip to get them all riled up.  Today dogs are getting in on the action with cannabis.  When we have a dog that is getting older, starting to show a lot of behavioral problems and just not doing well, many owners are turning to cannabis to help.

Some of the products offered to dogs are cannabis infused treats, bones and rubbing oils.  When it comes to giving your beloved pet, these cannabis based treats you want to take a few things into consideration.

Do they really need them?

Before giving your pet any type of medications or foods not related to their standard approved diets you will want to make sure that they need them.  In some cases, people will give their dogs cannabis just to see their reaction.  To do this is wrong and can cause severe issue later.

Seek out a vet

You want to seek out the professional opinion of your local vet.  Take your pet in for a checkup to ensure that if you give them cannabis that they won’t have an adverse reaction.  You want to make sure that they are healthy enough for this substance and if you do buy weed online, that you monitor their reactions closely.

Find a reputable company

When it comes to buying anything with CBD, Hemp, or cannabis you want to purchase from a reputable company.  There are a lot of people out there that are trying to make a quick buck by offering whatever they want online in order to cash in on CBD and cannabis.

If you want to try it then find a local dispensary or pharmacy in your area.  Don’t search sites like eBay or Amazon for these products.  What you get might not be what is actually in the package.  If that happens, you never know what will happen to you or your beloved pet.

Start Slow

Don’t dive right in and give your pet a full dose or extra dose of the cannabis product.  You want to first start slow and see what it does to them.  You also don’t want to give them cannabis on a daily basis.  You want to spread it out over a few weeks to see what the effectiveness of the product is and if it is even working with them.

Don’t consume yourself

You don’t want to consume the products that you purchase for your dog yourself.  There may be additional byproducts that will sit better in the system of a dog than in the system of a human.  If you are trying to bypass laws, rules and regulations in order to find a source for your cannabis usage, then this can turn out badly for you.  Make sure that you follow all rules, guideless and instructions.