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How to Enroll - regardless of immigration status

Call the Children's Health Initiative Outreach and Enrollment Hotline at (650) 573 3595.

All information provided is kept in complete confidence. You also may e-mail us for more information and to schedule an appointment. Send an email to [email protected]. Click here to find the most convenient location and/or time for enrollment assistance.

This is the first step toward insuring all your children. CHI can help you qualify for any of three different programs:

It is easy to qualify if:

  • Your children are under age 19
  • Your family has a qualifying income (see chart below)
  • Your children has been without employer coverage for the last three months (with some exceptions)
  • Your family lives in San Mateo County

Four Documents are necessary to enroll children:

  • Proof of San Mateo County residency
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of age of children
  • Proof of citizenship or U.S. residency (only for Medi-Cal and Healthy Family.
    Immigration status doesn’t matter for Healthy Kids)

Qualifying Income Levels
Family SizeGross Monthly Income
Family of 1 $0 to $2,994
Family of 2 $0 to $4,040
Family of 3 $0 to $5,086
Family of 4 $0 to $6,134
Family of 5 $0 to $7,180
Family of 6 $0 to $8,226