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Medi-Cal is a state and federally funded program that provides health care coverage, at no cost through the Health Plan of San Mateo (HPSM), for low-income children who do not have health insurance. The program can cover unpaid medical expenses for up to three months retroactively.

Healthy Families

The Healthy Families Program is a state and federally funded health coverage program for children. Families can choose comprehensive health insurance coverage through one of five managed health care plans--HPSM, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Health Net or Kaiser Permanente. Monthly premiums range from $4 per child to a maximum of $27 per family. Families may pay 3 months in advance and receive the fourth month free.

Healthy Kids

Healthy Kids is a new comprehensive health insurance product that provides coverage, through HPSM, to children whose family income exceeds the limit for the Healthy Families Program and children who are not eligible for Medi-Cal or the Healthy Families Program due to their immigration status. The cost is $12-60/quarter per child.