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CHI Partners

The goal of health insurance coverage for all children involves the participation of a broad-based public-private partnership. Besides the founding partners, who provide Oversight, the CHI partners includes: Funders, Community-Organizations and Providers.

Community Partners

The involvement of numerous community organizations is essential in meeting the CHI goal of providing comprehensive health insurance to 100% of the children residing in San Mateo County. These key partners include organizations that provide application assistance and/or organizations that provide information and input in the areas of outreach and enrollment. The primary CHI partners are responsible for conducting outreach efforts and application assistance includes the San Mateo County Health System, San Mateo Medical Center and the San Mateo County Human Services Agency.

Additional partners who support the Children's Health Initiative through outreach, enrollment and collaboration include:

Organizations supporting the Children's Health Initiative by providing technical assistance, collaboration, and establishing common goals include: