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Success Stories

The Arena family lost their health insurance after losing their job...

The Adams family sought affordable insurance after paying $10,000 a year for insurance...

The Lopez family sought health insurance and dental check-ups for their two boys...

The Suh family looked for affordable dental coverage for their children...

The Arena family of South San Francisco
Richard Arena had health insurance through his employer, but lost it when he was laid off. He applied and qualified for Healthy Families Insurance for his 4 year-old child, who needed an operation for a heart murmur.

Richard and Michelle are very grateful to have insurance for their child. The surgery has literally changed his life - he wasn’t able to get involved in sports because of his condition. Today he plays soccer for the local team.

The Adams family of Pacifica
Jack Adams researched the telephone phone book to see if he could find any affordable health coverage for his family. Due to a positive TB skin test and treatments for his daughter, who also has asthma, Jack’s applications for retail health plans were denied.

He saw the listing for North County Health Center and rushed over to see what was available. There he met Vennie Acebedo, a community worker from California Health Initiative. Vennie screened the family and discovered that Jack’s 14-year-old daughter is eligible for Healthy Kids.

"It’s a nightmare being uninsured," Jack said. "The cost is more than my mortgage. It’s very stressful. I was paying about $10,000 a year just for insurance. I feel great now that I have health care. We will take her in to get a physical check up. The biggest difference is feeling comfortable. It’s really nice not worrying."

The Lopez family of Foster City from El Salvador
Family of 4, mom, dad, and two boys (10 and 7 years old) Dad currently on disability- Check is about $2000 a month. Children attend Fiesta Garden School-Jaime Lopez came to the United States from El Salvador in 1987, and his wife and two boys followed him later. His two boys, Jaime Antonio and Ricardo Javier, never had health insurance and never had dental check-ups. His seven-year old recently had an infected molar. His aunt whose a nurse back in El Salvador told him that if he doesn’t pull it out, it will cause the child more pain and suffering. So with the help of a string, Jaime pulled out his son’s tooth.

His children, both undocumented, qualified for Healthy Kids. "I feel happy that my kids now have insurance. It’s safer because they can receive check-ups."

Jaime’s employer never offered insurance for the employees or their dependants. He is currently on disability from his work at a local hardware store. Before that, he worked at Dominos Pizza for three years. His wife, Rosa, is an on-call caretaker.

Jaime is also in need of dental care. He did not qualify for treatments at Samaritan House since his income exceeded $2400. He is being referred to the Kaiser STEPS plan.

Jaime found out about the 4Cs enrollment fair from his children’s school.

"We were going to Samaritan House. Sometimes we went to get vaccinations at San Mateo County General, where we still owe money. Even now, it’s hard to pay it back, especially since I’ve been in disability for the past four months.

"Now I feel more secure -- when I’m driving, when the boys are playing sports. No more money problems in the hospital. When they were sick, we’d treat them at home because we’re afraid of getting more bills.

"I just want to tell people to not worry about the papers. Just ask for help and there will be a program that they can qualify for. I’ve been telling people about Healthy Kids."

The Suh family of Foster City
On a stormy Saturday morning, MinJa Suh attended a 4Cs fair to inquire about some affordable insurance for her children. She was very happy to learn that her 14-year-old son, Paul, and 12-year-old daughter, Kate, qualified for Healthy Kids. When she was told that the co-payment is only $5 for the dental check-ups, her mouth dropped and she was overwhelmed with joy.

"I’m so happy," she said. " Having insurance makes me feel much safer for my children." MinJa had been taking her kids for dental cleanings at a local dental office in Foster City and she has been paying $257 per child. That’s about $1,000 for just dental check-ups. This does not include the fee if the children needed fillings.